Sunday, 24 August 2008


Me, Chief and Savva went to Nottingham the other week to see No Age with support from Lovvers and Human Hair (Check Stop Scratching for a well rounded report), and were well happy to see so many people there to see some good live action.

Not so commonplace in Brum- I think this is why we don't always get the bands we want playing (eg. No Age and Lovvers/The Death Set avoided us as well this week). Putting on small gigs is way to much of a risk for any independent promoter in the second city, and in turn, a viscous circle is formed- the scene diminishes, and so if by some small grace of God, we actually get a decent gig in the Sunflower or Rainbow, the turnout is shite and the promoter loses money and promises not to try such things again.

This is a terrible rant, not well thought out with little planning/construction, what else are blogs for hey!

Anyway... the reason for this tripe... Chicks Dig Jerks are putting two gigs on at the Sunflower in the next couple of months, Great Bands from all over the shop, it would be good if they sold out. Check it...



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